Brotherhood MPs Released, Monofiya Detainees Jailed 15 Days

Brotherhood MPs Released, Monofiya Detainees Jailed 15 Days

The Egyptian regime released two Brotherhood MPs whom it detained on Sunday, but it jailed other MB leaders rounded in the same raid.

Cairo state security prosecution released today MPs engineer Sabri Amer and Rajab Abu Zeid, who were arrested along with 12 citizens yesterday evening in the house of engineer Fathi Shehabuddin. The prosecution did not hold any investigation with them, saying the case of red-handedness for lifting a parliamentarian”s immunity as prescribed in the constitution doesn”t apply on the case of the two MPs, specially that the investigations with the detainees confirmed that they invited the MPs to know their opinion about the Shura Council elections.

In the same context, the state security prosecution decided to jail 12 Muslim Brotherhood leaders detained in Monofiya for 15 days pending trial .

For his part, lawyer Abdul Moneim Abdul Maqsoud said that releasing the two MPs is a right move because there is no real charges against the them.

Abdul Maqsood pointed out that detaining the two MPs while meeting some citizens was an unprecedented step in the history of the Egyptian People”s Assembly; the security has seemingly realized the seriousness of this step and backpedaled and released both MPs .

Abdul Maqsood added in a statement to Ikhwanweb that the decision of releasing the two MPs is a clear evidence that the other detainees are innocent and should be released; if there had been any real evidence, the state security prosecution wouldn”t have released the two MPs .

Abdul Maqsood demanded immediately releasing other detainees because there is no criminal evidence against them.

It is worth mentioning that the State Security Police forces in Monofiya detained yesterday 14 Muslim Brotherhood leaders in the house of engineer Fathi Shehabuddin, after raiding it; the security services ringed the house, and sent for more security forces to besiege the region, and sent other forces to search the houses of the detainees.

Those detained in the house included:

Engineer Sabri Amer, member of the People”s Assembly (lower chamber of parliament)

Rajab Abu Zeid member of the People”s Assembly (lower chamber of parliament)

Abul Fattouh Afifi- from the first generation of the Muslim Brotherhood group

Nagib Al-Zareef, engineer

Dr. Ashour Al-Halawani

Dr. Mohamed Ayyad, a professor at the Faculty of Engineering- Shibin Al Kawm

Ashour Ghanem, an instructor at the Ministry of Education

Ahmed Al Hefnawi, engineer

Mahmoud Abdullah, engineer

Mohamed Al Bahr, engineer

Sami Al-Shaweesh, teacher

Egypt is witnessing an ongoing crackdown, started on Dec., 14, 2006, against Muslim Brotherhood leaders and members; the regime has detained about 300 MB leaders and members on ground less charges; the detainees include Eng. Khairat Al-Shater, the MB deputy chairman.