Brotherhood MPs Step Up Their Campaign Against Amendments

Eng. Saad Al Husseini, of the MB parliamentary bloc, lodged an urgent statement to the Prime Minister, and both Ministers of Interior and Justice over the flagrant violations committed in the referendum and the alleged judicial supervision.
Eng. Saad Al Husseini, undersecretary-general of Muslim Brotherhood”s the parliamentary bloc, lodged an urgent statement to the Prime Minister, and both Ministers of Interior and Justice over the scandalous violations that were committed in the referendum and the conflict over the judicial supervision .
He said at the beginning of the urgent statement that he offered on Tuesday that:” We thought all circumstances were suitable for the referendum to take place quietly, as the opposition called for boycotting it and the government did its best to gather voters; however, the government did not miss the opportunity and turned the referendum into a scandal that all the world is joking about.
Al Husseini listed the violations that took place in that day, including:

1- The scandalous conflict in the number of the turnout declared by the government and the one declared by civil society institutions.

2- Preventing a big number of observers from ding their jobs

3-Cramping a huge number of citizens in public buses to carry out a mass voting without any voting cards or even IDs.

4-Buying votes in return for low prices like sweet of the birthday of the prophet, rice bags .. in scenes that defame Egypt as a leadership and people .

5- Mobilizing bullies and recidivists in front of committees and they appeared in a barbaric way in front of satellite channels.

6-The appearance of a big number of footages they cover stuffing ballot papers and rigging votes.

7-A foreign correspondents entered a voting committees and cast his vote in an easy manner which isn”t provided for citizens in the elections of the
People”s Assembly .

8-The commission supervising the elections claimed that judges supervised over them while the judges disavowed the referendum and declared that they didn”t supervise them to the extent that some of them tried to supervise the elections but were prevented from leaving the main committee to do so.

9- The declared turnout doesn”t match with the footages broadcast on satellite channels which show totally empty committees without any voter.

10- The declared results were exactly like the pro-referendum forecast of Mr Gamal Mubarak as if this result was prepared in advance “or those supervising the elections didn”t wand to embarrass the fortuneteller”.

11- Some officials in the committees in my constituency were sent to the police stations when they refused to stuff ballot papers and they were replaced with forgers who rigged 30 % of the ballot papers.

12- The credulous coverage of the state-run newspapers and considering the turnout unprecedented, as if they forgot the previous referendums of 99.99 %.

13- The president declared that the turnout of the referendum surpassed all previous referendums, although the referendum on article 76 was previously declared to have witnessed only 50 % turnout.
Al Husseini said in a statement to Ikhwanweb that the referendum was, from abbreviated 9-day period to making the Egyptians ignorant of the abyss you are leading them to and ending with declare a result that will remain an international stigma and disgrace on the government for the generations to come.
He confirmed that these alleged constitutional amendments following these false measures for the referendum, in addition to their serious content which is considered a constitutional coup are contradicting with the history, heritage, culture and constants of the great Egyptian people who disavow them and any legal results or changes will remain illegitimate.
The MB parliamentarian stressed that all the Egyptians, topped by the Muslim Brotherhood, will launch a constitutional peaceful struggle to drop these amendments and topple their beneficiaries.