Brotherhood Parliamentarian Demands Ousting Interior Minister Over Torture

The MB parliamentary bloc accused the Interior Ministry of crossing red lines in its treatment to all Egyptians, demanding the Interior Minster to be relieved of his post.
MP Saad Al Husseini, the assistant secretary-general of Muslim Brotherhood (MB) parliamentary bloc, accused the Interior Ministry of crossing red lines in its treatment to citizens.
Al Husseini said in an interrogation that he lodged against the Interior Minister, Habib Al-Adli, that successive incidents in the Egyptian arena since February 2005 when amendment to article 76 of the constitution was first announced, have proved that the Egyptian security service crossed all red lines through its repeated violations to the constitution and law, causing many tragic incidents that claimed thousands of deaths, injured and detainees !!
Al Husseini accused the security service of a severe recklessness in doing its security duties, leading to the spread bullying, rise of crime rates, spread of corruption, and the increase of corrupt persons; this also caused more political and social tensions with the security’s continuous confrontations and escalation against all sections of the society, presaging the worst consequences .
Al Husseini blamed the security service for the responsibility of internationally defaming Egypt after Amnesty International declared that torture in Egypt has become systematic, after the spread of torture clips that torture officers took themselves to expose their victims and to impose their power; this increased anger among all people and increased the seclusion of the security institution after people lost trust in it.
The Brotherhood MP lashed out, in his interrogation’s explanatory memo, at the wide scale detentions against innocent citizens, to the extent of reaching up to 100000 detainees during the last twenty years!!. 19000 of them are still inside prisons and some of them are behind bars for fourteen years although dozens of court acquittals were issued to release them; add to this disrespecting court rulings through not releasing detainees, and rearresting them shortly after issuing the acquittals and the slackness in carrying out or hindering rulings that the security service doesn’t like.
Al Husseini criticized twisting court rulings through challenging them in incompetent courts aiming at not implementing them, although it is well known that this is illegal, giving a bad model to society and citizens in disrespecting court rulings.
The assistant secretary-general of the MB parliamentary bloc criticized the security service for depriving citizens of their constitutional rights through banning vigils and peaceful marches and banning freedom of expression, and preventing dozens of political activists from traveling abroad although they aren’t included in the no-fly lists or without any court ruling that may prevent them from traveling, and depriving citizens of their constitutional right to cast votes in the last legislative elections; through besieging villages and cities and denying voters access to ballot boxes, and intervening in employment through denying jobs to a big numbers from jobless or even sending them to administrative jobs and preventing them from doing their original profession.
Al Husseini criticized also in his interrogation killing and injuring citizens with live and rubber bullets and incendiary and tear bombs in peaceful marches or to prevent them from casting their votes during the last legislative elections, leading to killing more than sixteen citizens and seriously injuring more than one thousand other citizens. More than ten thousand citizens were arrested during political actions and during the presidential and legislative elections.
The Brotherhood MP launched a violent attack against the Interior Ministry that does not follow a sound security policy that respects the dignity and humanity of the Egyptians as well as Arab brothers, citing the violations committed the drowned ferry Al-Salam 98 and killing Sudanese refugees, in addition to the systematic tortures inside prisons, detentions, police stations and central security camps which were spotted by many local official and international reports, topped by the Amnesty International report.
Al Husseini demanded ousting the Interior Minister due to his political responsibility for all previous accusations, and his responsibility for the disturbingly recurrent terrorist incidents that took place while he is in his post; he stressed that the security strategy must be changed so that scientific means and sound security and criminal research rules shall replace the inhuman treatment and torture against citizens; the Interior Ministry should also hold a national reconciliation with all sections of the society, and to seek reform, allow freedoms, release detainees and fight corruption.
Al Husseini stressed that the national security must be taken as a basis for any security strategy and should be given priority for which efforts are exerted and plans and policies are laid down, instead of the current confusion that gives a priority to only the ruler and regime’s security even if this was at the expense of the national, social and economic security.

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