Brotherhood Statement Condemns Egyptian Media Mishandling of Warraq Church Attack

Brotherhood Statement Condemns Egyptian Media Mishandling of Warraq Church Attack

With deep sadness and concern, we received the news of the heinous attack on the Church of the Virgin in Al-Warraq as people attended a marriage celebration, especially since four citizens were killed and 18 others injured.

We immediately issued a statement condemning that criminal act, consoling the families of the victims, wishing a speedy recovery for the injured, and putting responsibility on security forces, at least for not providing sufficient protection for citizens while occupying themselves with the pursuit of peaceful protestors opposed to the murderous military coup.

However, we were surprised by media and newspaper organizations claiming that the incident was a Muslim Brotherhood plot to spread terror and chaos in the country. They also made the same accusation against several party leaders and politicians.

This accusation contradicts the Brotherhood’s Islamic, peaceful ideology, which rejects and criminalizes the shedding of a single drop of blood, much less the taking of innocent lives. Moreover, the church’s priest affirmed that among the wounded were three members of the Muslim Brotherhood who were there to congratulate their Coptic brethren for the wedding.

Certainly, this should persuade politicians and media workers to cease their outrageous tactics of incessant lies and false accusations about the Muslim Brotherhood. Indeed, if blatant lies and false accusations about the Brotherhood were compiled, they would fill many volumes.

The day will come when heinous plotters and liars will return to God, and He will hold them accountable for every word they said. If they do not fear God, they should pay heed to their conscience, common sense, values of honor, self-respect and respecting others. We do home they care for these matters.

Every word they utter is recorded carefully by watchful sentinels. (Quran, 50:18)

The Muslim Brotherhood

Cairo: October 25, 2013