Brotherhood urges reforms in Muslim states(UPI)

Brotherhood urges reforms in Muslim states
 Egypt’s outlawed Muslim Brotherhood urged leaders of Muslim countries meeting in Mecca Wednesday to introduce political reforms to curb violence and extremism.

Brotherhood spiritual guide Mohammed Mehdi Akef said in a statement Tuesday: “Releasing public freedoms; the freedom of worship and expression as well as the freedom of creating parties, unions and associations in addition to rotating power through free and honest elections are bound to put an end to violence.”

He called for electing the leaders of Muslim countries through universal suffrage and for a defined period and urged the implementation of Sharia, or Islamic law, in Muslim countries.

He said “implementing political reforms will lead to the elimination of tyranny, easing tensions and consolidating links between the leaders and their peoples, a recipe for security, stability and loyalty to the nation, as well as for peaceful change and rotation of power.”

Akef lashed out at the United Nations, which he accused of exerting pressures on Syria and Iran in order to steal their wealth and spread Western culture.

He called on Muslim leaders to “stand united to confront American threats against Syria and Iran which are aimed at controlling them and imposing full American hegemony on the region in order to eliminate our Islamic culture, civilization and values.”

Leaders of the 56-member Organization of Islamic Conference are to hold a summit in Mecca, Saudi Arabia on Wednesday and Thursday at the behest of Saudi King Abdullah.