Brotherhood Youth End Peaceful Sit-In In Tahrir After Commemorating Day of Rage

Brotherhood Youth End Peaceful Sit-In In Tahrir After Commemorating Day of Rage

After enduring hours of provocative insults by protestors in Tahrir Square the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) ended their peaceful sit-in in commemoration of the Day of Rage and dismantled their stage which was attacked by factions who attempted to pull it down. 

The MB youth were verbally harassed numerous times by crowds surrounding the stage, shouting insults. In some instances the anger spilled into a public spat  as empty bottles and rocks were hurled, however  the MB youth refused to be drawn into fights choosing to chant ‘peaceful peaceful we are one hand’ instead.

Representatives from the April 6th Movement ascended the MB-run stage  and announced their objection to the insults directed at the MB youths stressing it was unacceptable to call them traitors, adding that it was the spirit of unity between them all and solidarity that contributed to the January 25  Revolution’s success. 

Dr. Mohyee el Deen Al-Zayet from the MB’s administrative office in East Cairo addressed the crowds stressing: "The MB rejects being referred to as traitors and insists on peacefully preserving the Square’s unity away from division".

He added: "The revolution thus far has succeeded in accomplishing some demands including the dissolving of the lower and upper houses which had come into being through rigged votes, local councils, and state security apparatus. The first parliament has also come into being where the people were able to cast their votes in a free and transparent environment expressing their will. Nevertheless, the revolution is ongoing and will continue until all demands are met".