Brotherhood’s MPs Campaign for Judiciary Independence

The Muslim Brotherhood’s MPs introduced two memos to the Parliament Chairman Fathy Soror. The first proposes to hold hearing sessions before the discussion of the judiciary power bill while the second opposes further extension of the emergency law, lastly renewed on February 23rd 2003.
Regards the first memo, the deputy of the Brotherhood’s bloc said the judiciary power bill is vital and influential since it touches the institution which tackles rights of individuals. Recently, there is an explicit dispute between the bill, proposed by the Judges Union, and the draft law, introduced by the government. Therefore, he suggested that the parliament charges the parliamentary Committee of Motions to hold hearing sessions, attended by the union, professors of law, and some institutions of the civil society to discuss the matter.
On the other hand, the bloc’s spokesman Hamdy Hassen said in a letter to the chairman that on Feb 23rd the parliament agreed to extend the action of the emergency law when the government pledged to restrict its application to terrorism and drug trafficking.
The Brotherhood’s bloc and other MPs opposed the prolongation. Emergency law is designated to tackle any state of emergency or a catastrophe; however, its misuse turns it into a notorious law that is desirable to be annulled. Despite successive calamities hit Egypt recently, the emergency law was not of service.
In fact, the law prevents neither drug trafficking nor terrorism. On contrary, it consolidates corruption. The events of el-Nekgala, a village of Upper Egypt, for example, evidently showed the growth rate of drug trafficking and planting. Nevertheless, the emergency law was not applied. However, the security forces set the law in motion during the parliamentary elections leaving 14 killed, dozens injured, and scores detained. Authorities declined to announce either the real number of law victims behind bars or the cases of terrorism and drug trafficking in which the emergency law were useful

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