Brotherhood’s MPs Succeed to Block an Agreement with Denmark

On Sunday, the Muslim Brotherhood’s MPs lobbied the parliament Committee of Economics not to endorse an agreement with the Danish government as consequence to its inadequate reaction to the offensive cartoons published by a Danish newspaper depicting Prophet Muhammad, may peace be upon him, in humiliating and disgracefull manner. Mr. Taymour Abel Gany, Brotherhood’s MP, and several others, also criticized ” the so far fragile responses of the Arab governments” which does not correlate with the magnitude of this heinous offense. They called on the chairman of the committee, Dr. Mustafa el-Said, not to recommend the treaty for endorsement.
The deputy chief of the Economics Committee, Mustafa el-Salab, from the NDP, agreed with MB members saying it is unacceptable to discuss this treaty, despite its positive aspects, at a time when the Danish Prime Minister refused to apologize to the Muslim world for this indignity. More boldly, he proclaimed this shameless action falls within the freedom of expression!

On the other hand, Dr. Mustafa El Said, the committee’s Chairman, stated that we should differentiate between the Danish government and the Danish media, which is not controlled by the government. He claimed the angrily motivated attitude of the MP’s might undermine the political stand of the Egyptian government. “Democracy entitles reviewing all opinions, accepting the outlook of the majority. Will the political confrontation or the diplomatic settlement be of service to both countries?” He wondered.

However, legislatives stepped in to express the need for taking measures up to the unforgettable humiliation. Responding to this outcry, the committee referred the agreement to the parliament, recommending putting it off as a sign of protest.