Brotherhood’s Statement on Delaying Municipal Elections

The Muslim Brotherhood’s parliamentary bloc issued a press release regarding the parliament approval of a bill delaying the municipal elections by two years 
The statement said the government put forth a draft law to extend  the term of the current councils for two years. The government explainations to justify this decision are indeed, illogical. Examples of these justifications are; firstly, some constitutional articles, including that regulates municipal councils, will be amended. Secondly, the government prepares a new law which requires two years to reform the councils. Thirdly, the coming year will witness the elections of Shorah Council, the Lower House, therefore, it is unsuitable to hold the municipal elections in the same year.
The statement added that although the Brotherhood does not intend to run for the coming presidential elections, however, the government bill maybe intending to compromise any future gains by the Muslim Brotherhood. The great victory of both Hamas and the Brotherhood in the last votes showed that freedom and political reform may prompt the success of Islamists. Meantime, the crisis of the Prophet defamatory cartoons stimulates general mood of support for the Islamic ideology.
The statement asserted the Brotherhood rejection for the law, saying the deterioration of utilities and services explicitly reflects the corruption in these councils; a matter that requires early elections not to postpone them.
The remarkable political action over the last year which clearly illustrated in the recent vote demonstrates the national desire for reform and change. Contradictory to these aspirations is the decision of deferring municipal elections. In addition, it indicates that the ruling National Democratic Party (NDP) takes advantage of holding the majority in the parliament to pass laws that service partisan ends unheeding to the national interests. Furthermore, the NDP fears to contest currently in the elections at the heels of its poor showing in the parliamentary vote which saw noticeable rise of the Muslim Brotherhood, not only in Egypt but also in the entire region.
In conclusion, the statement stressed the bloc rejection of the bill and the extension of municipal councils term, accordingly.