Burj Al-Arab Detainees Denied Food And Visitations

Families of Muslim Brotherhood detainees at Burj Al-Arab prison were surprisingly prevented from visiting their unjustly detained loved ones after waiting for 1 1/2 hours, although they visit them only on a biweekly basis, while prisoners all over Egypt are given visits from relatives on a weekly basis.
Prisoner Ramadan Abdul Samad Abdul Gawaad hasn’t seen his family since March; however, officer Amr Hanash, a state security officer in Alexandria and responsible for political detainees in Burj Al-Arab prison, prevented all families from seeing their loved ones!!
The officer claimed that the prisoners were visited by their lawyer last week; so, their families shouldn’t visit them this week; the families were obliged to go back after asking him to send the food to the detainees; however, the families that went to visit their detained relatives on the following day weren’t allowed to visit them and weren’t allowed also to bring food for them.
Mrs. Magda, wife of Mohamed Abu Agour, a detainee and owner of Al-Kalima for publishing and distributing house, said:” We got a permit from the detainees affairs department two days before the visit; such permits are given only when we have the right to visit; the officer issued an unfair decision when he said that the detainees are allowed to have only 3 visits a month, considering the visit of lawyer as one of these visits; this is actually illegal.”
Mrs Magda adds: ” When we went to the warden to complain of this arbitrary decision, hoping that he will be just, he refused even to meet with us,and after a while, in front of his office, a young officer went out and told us that the affairs of the political prisoners are handled by officer Amr Hanash and that the warden has no power over them “!!
“After returning to officer Amr Hanash, he treated us carelessly and outlined the problem when he said:” I am only carrying out orders”.
Mrs. Magda confirms that denying MB detainees any visits and food is a kind of psychological and physical torture; this because food inside Burj Al-Arab prison is extremely bad and isn’t suitable for human; water also isn’t suitable for human use!! The detainees fully depend on the food that their families bring from outside prison.
Mrs. Magda adds that the detainees suffer from very bad health and living conditions inside the prison; add to this the maltreatment with which the prison administration is dealing with them.
Mrs. Magda demanded international human rights organizations to pressure on the Egyptian government to release the detainees or, at worse, improve living circumstances inside prison.

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