• MB News
  • April 29, 2007
  • 3 minutes read

Burj Al-Arab Detainees On Hunger Strike

Muslim Brotherhood detainees held in Burj Al-Arab prison declared staging a hunger strike last Wednesday morning, protesting at the prison administration’s suppressive measures that included preventing their families from visiting them last week, and providing the detainees with very few supplies of foodstuffs and water.
The prisoners said they were fully depending on the food and water that their families bring them because the prison’s food isn’t suitable for human use.
The detainees sent, several days ago, a message to competent authorities in which they demanded allowing their families to visit them and provide them with food; however, there was no response from any official.
The water that they kept were consumed while the prison’s water isn’t suitable for human use; even the money that their families were giving to the prison canteen were spent, and that can’t buy what they need.
The prison administration prevented their lawyer from visiting them or even giving them any food or money; some officers told him that visits will be banned till the holiday ends on May, 2nd, 2007; this means that the detainees will remain without any food or water throughout this period .
The prison administration held the detainees without committing any wrong in their cells and not allowing them to get out of them since the morning; this forced them into declaring their hunger strike so that the prison administration responds to their demands of allowing visits, food and water and improving prison conditions and providing them with water which is suitable for human use.
For his part, Khaled Bayyoumi, the lawyer of the Muslim Brotherhood detainees in Burj Al-Arab prison, said that Burj Al-Arab prison administration is inflexible specially towards families of the detainees.
Khaled added in a statement to Ikhwanweb that the prison administration claims that the number of visits allowed to families of the detainees are only 3 visits a month although there is n law or regulation to support their claims which aren’t implemented in any Egyptian prison except for this prison.
Khaled pointed out that the detainees are suffering from the very bad condition in side prison in terms of food and waters and the visits were easing these bad conditions.