• October 2, 2008
  • 10 minutes read


Sarah Palin accepted the blessing of Pastor Thomas Muthee in October of 2005 during her campaign for governor. Muthee fights witches using spiritual warfare. Serious.

His claim to fame is an epic battle he “fought” against a “witch” in Kiambu, Kenya in 1989 called “Mama Jane”. He blamed her for the rising crime rate there due to her “spiritual oppression”, especially the supposedly high number of car accidents in front of her “divination clinic”, which was allegedly frequented by high-profile people who were “afraid to do anything without her approval.” In the end, he rallied the town against her, and she skipped town before the torches and pitchforks came to her door. He declared victory, saying that the crime rate had gone down since then — even though a Dutch pastor found no evidence of that.

After that idiocy, he”s founded over 400 churches in Africa and brings water to impoverished villages. Too bad he”s batshit insane.

In his blessing, he called upon God to make a campaign donation (“bring finances her way even for the campaign in the name of Jesus… Use her to turn this nation the other way around”, to which God said “Fuck, do you think I”m made of money here? Where do you think that $10 billion a week for Iraq is coming from?”) and to protect her from “every form of witchcraft.” Totally not a plug for himself. Totally.

Here”s the video:

And Palin now says it helped her win the governorship. Iraq is a crusade too.

Jesus Christ!