Bush Admin. Blamed for Arabs’ Hatred towards US, Fotouh says

In a statement to Jazeera Satellite Channel on September 7, 2006, MB Executive Bureau Member Dr. Abdul Monem Abul Fotouh said that the Bush Administration is to blame for the growing hatred dominating the Arab and Islamic worlds toward the US government, citing the recently disclosed overseas prisons run by CIA as part of the so called “war on terror”. Asked if some Arab states run such prisons, Abdul Fotouh said that the prisons in the Arab regions are run by dictatorial regimes perpetrating heinous violations against their people, pointing out that CIA prisons created by Bush’s dictatorship are not any different from those of the Arab regimes”, Abul Fotouh said.

Abul Fotouh also clarified that Arabs and Muslims hate the American government rather than the American people. In reply to a question on the future of relations between the two sides amid such mutual accusations, Abul Fotouh said that he is optimistic about such relations on the condition of abiding by rules of justice, freedom, democracy and international law, defending that the Arabs and Muslims have condemned the 911 attacks and other terrorist operations in the US or elsewhere. However, he lamented that the US and British governments responded to such acts of violence with occupations and brutalities against whole nations, depicting the latter as a state terrorism.

The MB Executive Bureau member assured that Arabs and Muslims are for coexistence and that the Islamic teachings enjoin Muslims from assaulting humanity. “It is the American regime which assaults Muslims”, he said, calling on the US to stop such assaults so that the world enjoys stability and security.