Bush’s love of dictator troubling

Bush’s love of dictator troubling

Recent events in Pakistan highlight Bush”s problematic hypocrisy in befriending certain dictators while touting democracy propagation worldwide. Bush”s “pro-democracy” position appears inconsistent because he still cultivates friendships with dictators, including those in Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and Egypt.

Pakistan”s military dictator Pervez Musharraf or Mushie recently ordered a brutal democracy crackdown with martial law. He suspended elections and Pakistan”s Constitution, dissolved the Supreme Court, silenced independent media and imprisoned thousands, including lawyers and human rights activists.

In response, Bush softly called for reinstatement of elections, but said nothing about reinstating the independent judiciary, which effectively approves rigged elections. Bush also promised not to cut billions of dollars in military financial aid, despite pleas by human rights groups. All this is understandable considering their loving friendship entails Bush inviting Mushie to be the first Pakistani dictator to kick it at Camp David.

This loving friendship began shortly after the 9/11 Commission report concluded, “On terrorism, [Musharraf”s] Pakistan helped nurture the Taliban.”

The report also stated Pakistan”s nuclear weapons “hero,” Abdul Qadeer Khan, was involved in “the most dangerous nuclear smuggling ring ever.” Khan transferred nuclear technologies and materials to North Korea, Libya and Iran. Yes, the Iranian centrifuges Bush is so upset about were supplied by Pakistan.

Mushie has since pardoned Khan who now roams freely and is unavailable to American intelligence. Considering Bush supposedly invaded Iraq for weapons of mass destruction, friendship with a dictatorship proven to illegally disseminate weapons of mass destruction to rogues is stupefying.

After 9/11, Mushie modestly helped Bush invade Afghanistan in return for over $10 billion in military aid and for lifting Clinton-era sanctions for Pakistan”s development of 70 nuclear warheads. Bush also agreed to sell Mushie dozens of American F-16 warplanes that can deliver nukes. I wonder why Bush”s lover, with more than $10 billion from American taxpayers and numerous F-16s, can”t capture bin Laden after five years?