Cairo is 13th most populated city, says UN

Cairo is 13th most populated city, says UN


The report predicted that the number of Cairo’s population in 2025 would reach some 15.5 million people.

This does not include the Greater Cairo Area that includes Giza and a number of suburbs, including Maadi that do not count in Cairo’s population.

The report, issued in 280 pages, said that the statistics and figures were based on the reports of the United Nations for the population census of the world.

Japan’s Tokyo topped the list of the most crowded cities in the world, according to figures in 2007, with a population of 35.6 million people, followed by Mexico City with 19 million and New York also with 19 million.

With regards to the new cities that were established near Cairo, the report said the new desert cities, although it reduced the deficit in housing in Cairo, “it did little to improve living conditions [and] access to services, as these cities lack employment opportunities and public transport facilities available in the center of the city.”

The report said that local official bodies collected and processed only one-third of Cairo`s garbage.

The report added that despite huge investments in infrastructure in Cairo and other residential areas in Egypt, in the sectors of water, sanitation and housing, the participation of citizens in these fields is still missing.

The report, which monitored the conditions of infrastructure, education and health in cities, added that the school enrollment rates do not differ significantly between the major cities and small towns; as the rates of school enrollment reached in major cities was 86 percent, 89 percent in smaller cities and 84 percent in rural areas.

With regards to coastal cities, the report warned that parts of the Egyptian coastal city of Alexandria could be “swept away by water” because of climate change and a lack of infrastructure, standing in front of large floods resulting from climate change effects