Cairo Municipal Elections Without MBs

Cairo Municipal Elections Without MBs

 Dr. Hazem Farouk, a member of the Muslim Brotherhood’s parliamentary bloc, said no potential candidate managed to submit election papers to stand municipal elections on Thursday, March 13.


Farouk-who was in the registration headquarters till it was closed, attributed this to the fake queues in addition to the officials’ claims that the registration papers are incomplete. Denying candidates the chance to submit their papers till the last day of receiving candidacy papers comes as the Cairo governor was holding a meeting with the Secretaries of the ruling National Democratic Party inside the governorate building .


 Farouk confirmed that the registration committee refused to receive the nomination papers of Dr. Khaled Gamal, a Muslim Brotherhood potential candidate for the municipal election in Cairo, under claims that these papers have been previously presented, proving that the committee is under direct supervision from the Egyptian State Security Department.


 Gamal is hunted by the State Security Police that tried to arrest him several days ago in the sweep of arrests that included detaining Hamdi Ibrahim, the Muslim Brotherhood administrative official for North Cairo region. A court ruling offered Gamal his candidacy papers but authorities refused, as usual, to implement the ruling.



 In the municipal council of Al-Zawya Al-Hamra, papers of two candidates, Mohamed Farag and Ahmed Mohamed Desouki, were snatched to deny them the chance to run for the municipal elections



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