Call for Immediate Ceasefire in the Middle East

Please immediately send the letter below, with your name, title and association (after ’sincerely) to each of the members of the Security Council as listed. Then forward it on to as many people as you can.

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Subject: Call for Immediate Ceasefire in the Middle East

H.E M.Jean-Marc de LA SABLIERE, Ambassador of France to the United Nations [email protected] (President of the Security Council)

H.E. Mr. Kenzo OSHIMA , Ambassador, Permanent Representative of Japan to the United Nations

H.E. Mr GUANGYA WANG, Ambassador of the Peoples Republic of China,

H.E. Mr Basile IKOUEBE, Ambassador of the Republic of the Congo to the United Nations, [email protected]

H.E. Mr Oswaldo de Rivero, Ambassador of Peru,

H.E. Mr Nassir Abdulaziz Al-Nasser, Ambassador of the State of Qatar to the United Nations,

H.E. Mr Peter Burian, Ambassador of the Slovak Republic,

H.E. Sir Emyr Jones Parry, UK Ambassador and Permanent Representative to the United Nations in New York, [email protected]

H.E. Ms Ellen Margrethe LOJ Ambassador of Demark  to the United Nations [email protected]

H.E. Mr Cesar F. MAYORAL, Ambassador of Argentina to the United Nations,

H.E. Dr. Augustine P. Mahiga Ambassador of the United Republic of Tanzania to the United

H.E. Mr Nana Effah-Apenteng, Ambassador of Ghana to the United Nations,

H.E. Mr Adamantios Th. Vassilakis, Ambassador of Greece to the United Nations,

Dear Members of the Security Council,

I urge you to demand  that Israel agrees to an immediate and unconditional ceasefire that has been persistently demanded by Lebanon and Palestine.

Israel blatantly has no limits in exercising its inhumanity and criminal acts of war against Palestinian and Lebanese civilians.

Sanctions should be imposed on Israel for its daily savage strikes on Palestine and its invasion of Lebanon that far exceed Saddam Hussain’s 1990 military operations in Kuwait. Israeli leaders should be charged with war crimes.

It is heartbreaking for decent people to watch on the news the desperation, grief and trauma that Palestinian and Lebanese families suffer. We look to the Security Council to fulfil the conditions of the United Nations Charter forthwith in relation to protecting the peoples of  Palestine and Lebanon.

It should also concern you that the Security Council’s delay and ineffectiveness to act responsibly to end these hostilities reveals to the world a potential redundancy that neatly aligns with the USA’s call  to dismantle the United Nations. In fact, Israel’s precise targeting of the UN position in Lebanon resulting in the deaths of UN personnel endorses the USA/Israel complete lack of regard for the United Nations and reinforces the US aspirations for unhindered power. The repeated US obstruction of peace for Palestinian and Lebanese civilians in the Security Council should also hasten the implementation of the  Security Council reforms especially on the power of the veto.

Once again, on humanitarian grounds I  ask you to deal with the matter of  the ceasefire urgently and vigorously.