• January 28, 2007
  • 3 minutes read

Call to All Palestinian Leaders, Officials

Call to All Palestinian Leaders, Officials

We are deeply aggrieved for yesterday’s casualties during the clashes that took place between Fatah and Hamas members. We have previously contacted the leaders of the both movements, confirming that Sharia, law, reason, common interests, people, homeland and the cause ban any inter-Palestinian infighting, and that all posts aren’t equal to even a drop of blood of any Palestinian resister. Although we were assured by their good speeches, but there are continuous clashes that claim more casualties, something that proves there are groups that carry out US-Zionist schemes, aiming at initiating an inter-Palestinian civil, although the aims of these groups have been exposed by the media.
While holing leaders of all the Palestinian factions accountable for the current bloodshed and acts of violence, we demand all of them to dismiss and bring to justice the sedition mongers and agents of the occupation even if they are members in these factions. Also, the Palestinian Authority (PA) and government should act on the basis of being an authority and a government for all Palestinians, not an authority and government of a specific faction, apart from others. Also, both the PA and government are shouldered with the responsibility of protecting the constants of the nation, liberating the homeland and Holy Jerusalem, and ending the oppressive blockade imposed on the people; so, they should exert efforts in order to form a national unity government on the basis of the National Concord Document, restructure the Palestinian Liberation Organization on realistic and fair bases, and not to respond to the US and Zionist pressures to end tensions, eradicate sedition and protect the Palestinian Cause.

We call all of you to guard Allah while dealing with yourselves, your people, homeland and cause (O ye who believe! Obey Allah, and the messenger when He calleth you to that which quickeneth you, and know that Allah cometh in between the man and his own heart, and that He it is unto Whom ye will be gathered. And guard yourselves against a chastisement which cannot fall exclusively on those of you who are wrong-doers, and know that Allah is severe in punishment.)

Mohamed Mahdi Akef
The Muslim Brotherhood Chairman

Cairo on: Muharram, 8, 1428 Hijri
Jan, 27, 2007 AD