• January 22, 2006
  • 5 minutes read

Calls for Combating Torture at Police Stations

Calls for Combating Torture at Police Stations
Sawasya Centre for Human Rights called for launching a campaign against using torture in police stations. It, moreover, exhorted all civil and political institutions to take procedures sufficient to deter abuse committers and to hinder torture phenomenon in police stations. The centre indicated that using torture patterns grows a serious event that endangers the social security and citizens’ dignity. These occurrences turn into daily routine of police forces. A fact can be deduced from the change of the police motto from’ Police Help People’ to ’Police and People Help the Country.’ In addition, torture perpetrators are punished by mere fine or light penalty.
Sawasya Centre condemned the death of a citizen as a result of torture at Nasser City Police Station.
Said Khalefah Essa, a resident, was taken to Nasser City Police Station where he was subject to abuse; beating, electric shocks, topsy-turvy hanging, in order to plead guilty in car-stealing incidents. After his death, policemen carried his crops to an open place where they got rid of.
According to a medical report, the death resulted from toxemia caused by manifold wounds; a matter that resulted in acute failure in blood circulation.
Probes into this incident were conducted. The senior officer of Nasser City police station was referred to the court.
In fact, successful prevention of torture is a product of a genuine political will cultivated by developing national awareness of the pheromone hazards, of its violations to the constitutional provisions and to 1984 Anti-Torture Treaty. The stiffening penalties would be helpful in this respect, as well.          
In its report, Sawasya considers the appearance of abuse committers before court is a positive initiative that illustrates committing such violations does not form a common attitude of policemen whose prime duty is to achieve justice and to protect citizens. 
To fight this phenomenon, a media campaign, in participation with rights, civil, and government institutions, should be launched. The campaign should focus on cultivating legal and political background of the public so their culture of fear would be dispersed. It, in addition, should stimulate the executive authorities to fulfill its mission using all deterrence and supervision mediums. Policemen’s skills of obtaining information should be refined in stead of applying physical harm.