Calls To Suspend Knesset Membership in Intl. Parliament

The Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood and independent MPs called on the Peoples’ Assembly, the Arab and Islamic parliaments to take legal measures to suspend the membership of the Israeli Knesset in the international and Euro-Mediterranean parliaments in retaliation to Israel detaining the Speaker and 15 deputies of the Palestinian Legislative Council. The deputies staged an hour- sit in to show their solidarity with the detained Palestinian elected officials, and said in their statement released Sunday September 10, 2006, that the international community with all its legislative and legal bodies is held responsible for the continuation of the detention of the Palestinian officials in Israeli prisons, depicting this as violation of all international laws and norms.

They also demanded the Arab and Islamic governments to pressure the US administration to step in and force Israel to release the Palestinian officials and stop its suppressive policy in Lebanon and Palestine. The MPs called on the Arab and Islamic parliaments to hold exceptional sessions to pressure their governments and international bodies to play a role in resolving the problem.

Mr. Saad el Husseiny, member of MB Parliamentary Bloc stated to Ikhwanweb that “The suppressive campaign launched by the Israeli enemy against the Palestinian people and their elected government is that serious, and we mean by our sit in to show our solidarity with the Palestinian people and their council and to show our rejection of the aggressions perpetrated by Israel.