Campaign Against U.S. Aid to Israeli Occupation

Campaign Against U.S. Aid to Israeli Occupation

An American NGO concerned with American foreign policy in the Middle East has organized a campaign against the U.S. aid to Israeli occupation, accusing the U.S. administration of squandering American taxpayers’  money on building Zionist settlements in the occupied Palestinian territories, America In Arabic news agency said Monday.  


At a time when millions of Americans are facing land mortgage crises, the campaign announced that its aim is to help in setting up a movement which urges American foreign policy makers to work for the interests of the American people.


The National Interest Council- an organization which supports the Arab issues in the United States- started a campaign that includes sending out postcards with the pictures of the Zionist settlements which were built thanks to U.S. aid to the Israeli occupation.


The campaign referred to the fact that these settlements have been built by the money of the American taxpayers at the time when Millions of the Americans are suffering from the land mortgage crisis more than a year ago.


The organization -which faces anti-Semitism charges– called its supporters to send these cards to all those who are interested in the American foreign policy.


The National Interest Council denounced the sending out of three billion dollars annually to build settlements for the Zionist occupation in Palestinian territories.


The Council was founded in 1989 by Paul Findlay -former member in the U.S. Congress- one of the most prominent opponents to the Jewish lobby in the United States– and his book “They Dare To Speak Out” is considered one of the most important studies on the influence of the Lobby on the American policy. The pro-Israel organizations played a role in driving him out of the Congress elections in 1986.


The organization stated that it is trying to educate the American people about the Lobby’s influence  which  supports the Israeli occupation in decision-making centers in Washington, and to show to what extent the Israeli Lobby interests are against the American national interests.