Can Anthony Blair’s five million pounds resurrect Dr David Kelly?

Can Anthony Blair’s five million pounds resurrect Dr David Kelly?

Either Anthony Blair and Alastair Campbell hounded the weapons inspector Dr David Kelly to suicide for his objections to their lies about Iraq’s weapons of mass destruction or, alternatively, Dr Kelly was murdered by professional, government sponsored assassins from America, Israel or the UK, in order of likelihood. Neither possibility is pleasant to contemplate but we need to know the truth.

All three governments are confirmed liars and although the UK has a new administration, our new prime minister voted for the Iraq war, currently sends our soldiers to continue the destruction of Afghanistan with assassination of Afghan freedom fighters and colludes with America and Israel in their aggression against Iran. The UK voted for this government and will suffer for it as it has under the ruinous Blair and Brown administrations.

At the same time as new calls in the UK media for a new inquest on Dr David Kelly’s death, Anthony Blair announced that he will donate the proceeds from his memoirs, estimated at GBP 5 million, to the Royal British Legion for the benefit of injured armed services personnel. They have evidently accepted this gift from the now-rich Mr Blair who is being paid generously by the Americans for his betrayal of both international law and his own country. Perhaps the soldiers who have survived the Bush/Blair war with disabilities will be delighted at Mr Blair’s generosity but it will do little for the 179 British men who died in the cause of enriching him, to say nothing of Iraqi deaths and refugees.

Although Mr Blair’s friends say that he wishes to be remembered for something other than the Iraq war, this is unlikely. He was always pathetically concerned about his legacy. That is now fixed. So what can be in Mr Blair’s mind? What does this gift of money mean?

Anthony Blair claims to be a Christian. He might well be a member of the Roman Catholic church but whatever he is, he is not a Christian – not even a bad one. Mr Blair is really half-insane or he would not even attempt to make amends with money for what he has done. This attempt to make amends is a symptom of a mind that is tearing itself apart. It is a compulsive, futile, attempt to reconcile two elements that cannot be reconciled: on the one hand God’s requirements and on the other, his murderous war for money. Death is an absolute. It cannot be undone and there is no compensation possible for one death, much less the uncounted deaths for which Anthony Blair is responsible. Alastair Campbell, who also has responsibility in this matter, had a mental breakdown and is still clearly unwell, although he has survived. Mr Blair is in much more trouble. I doubt that he will survive.

Dr David Kelly’s death is part of both Mr Blair’s and Mr Campbell’s legacies. It is an important event, particularly if it is shown not to have been suicide. Curiously, a number of forensic pathologists have intervened by asserting that the details of Dr Kelly’s death are consistent with suicide. It is not clear what their interest is in making such an assertion when the postmortem report is still secret. I would have thought, layman and non-medical person that I am, that such professional men would wish to see this before making any pronouncements on either Dr Kelly’s death or the competence of the clinicians to doubt that Dr Kelly could have died from a severed ulnar artery.

The eminent forensic pathologists have initiated a stupid controversy. It is a red herring and they should know better. The clinicians (if they should be so called) have raised valid doubts. They are valid doubts precisely because there is no hard information on which final judgements can be made. If there are factors such as the forensic pathologists speculate that might indicate suicide, we want to know for a fact that they exist. We do not need their speculations, no matter how eminent and qualified they might be. We need facts. The facts are contained in the postmortem report, so that is what the government should release.

I see no reason why we should believe in Lord Hutton’s integrity. Anthony Blair undertook a murderous, illegal war that undermined the security of the state with the collusion of almost the entire British political class, the Foreign Office, the security services and the armed services. As a member of the British establishment, appointed by the Blair government, that is reason enough to distrust Lord Hutton’s conclusions, particularly since he secretly sealed the Kelly papers for 70 years.

Rather than blindly trusting Lord Hutton, we should ask: “What was Lord Hutton hiding by sealing Dr Kelly’s postmortem report?” Indeed, what is the present government hiding? Why the delay in releasing it? What’s the problem? There can only be a problem for the government if it indicates that Dr Kelly’s death was not suicide.

In the meantime, I would invite the forensic pathologists who have spoken on the Kelly affair to join in asking the government for Dr Kelly’s postmortem report. When it is released they can at that point apply their expertise and we will be glad to know their conclusions.

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