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  • October 15, 2008
  • 3 minutes read

Candidates For Lawyers’ Syndicate Campaigning In Suez

Candidates For Lawyers’ Syndicate Campaigning In Suez


Lawyers Syndicate Sharia Committee Nominees carried on their election campaign yesterday, October 14, meeting with the Suez Lawyer in the Suez Courts Compound.


Nominees who attended the meeting were Seif El-Islam Hasan El-Banna, Mohamed Tuson, Ali Kamal, and committee members MP Sa”d Abboud and Mamdouh Isma”il.


El-Banna asserted during the meeting that the committee had been careful and trustworthy with the Syndicate”s money throughout the last term refusing to give up the lawyers” and syndicate”s rights to prevent the situation from aggravating and the syndicate from falling into the hands of those who want to impose strict surveillance over it.


In a similar context, Sharia Committee Election Campaign President Abdel-Mun”im Abdel-Maqsood pointed that it will continue its work and meetings and will not wait for the ruling on October 26 regarding the holding of the elections, considering that elections will be held on November 14.