Caretaker gov’nt: Some PA parties are involved in Gaza siege

Caretaker gov’nt: Some PA parties are involved in Gaza siege

The caretaker government headed by premier Ismail Haneyya called for an immediate cessation of all forms of negotiations with the Israeli occupation because they provide it with a political cover for escalating its crimes against the Gaza people, charging that some PA parties in Ramallah instigate the IOA to tighten the siege on the Gaza people.

Under candlelight, the caretaker government”s cabinet held its weekly meeting on Tuesday because of power outages in most Gaza areas and discussed many important issues especially the exacerbating siege on the Gaza people and the Israeli restrictions imposed on the entry of food supplies, medical equipment and fuel to Gaza which are threatening the Gaza people with slow death.

The caretaker government stated that the lives of hundreds of Palestinians especially patients are in danger because of the acute deficiency in fuel supplies needed by Gaza power station to operate medical devices in hospitals and to operate pumps of drinking water and sewage.

The government added that the Israeli decision to allow in small quantities of fuel supplies to Gaza aims to absorb the international outrage and to ease pressure on it.

The government welcomed any initiative or effort from any side to end the siege and reopen the crossings, affirming that it is seriously ready to study any initiative in this regard for the sake of the higher national interest.

In a press conference, MP Mustafa Al-Barghouthi, the secretary-general of the Palestinian national initiative, warned that the Gaza people are living a humanitarian disaster and emergency situation in every sense of the word as a result of the Israeli repressive measures and the suffocating siege imposed on Gaza for eight months.

MP Barghouthi underlined that since the Annapolis conference, the number of Israeli attacks in the West Bank have risen to 260 attacks, while 415 attacks were registered in the Gaza Strip.

The lawmaker added: “The reason for Israeli attacks can never be the resistance rockets, as claimed by the Israeli occupation, because there are no rockets in the West Bank.”

The lawmaker pointed out in another context that efforts to restore Palestinian unity including a joint document reached by various Palestinian forces, national figures and civil society institutions will be tabled as an integrated initiative aimed at resolving the internal crisis and division and calling for uniting the ranks in the face of the Israeli aggression.