Caretaker gov’t: Accelerating Judaization points to failure of PA negotiations

Caretaker gov’t: Accelerating Judaization points to failure of PA negotiations

The caretaker government headed by Ismail Haneyya has stated that Israel is speeding its Judaization schemes in order to create a geographical and demographical change settling the argument over Jerusalem by turning it into a capital of the Hebrew state, adding that these schemes are fresh evidence of the failure of PA”s frivolous negotiations. 

In a press release received on Wednesday by the PIC, Taher Al-Nunu, the spokesman for the government, underlined that these accelerating schemes coincides with Israeli premier Ehud Olmert”s statements that the PA negotiator agreed to defer any discussion on the question of Jerusalem.

Nunu underscored, in another context, that the exchange of roles and the security coordination between the PA security apparatuses and the Israeli occupation through kidnapping Palestinian resistance fighters and turning them in later after releasing them to the IOF troops “hits the national project and enshrines internal division.” 

In another serious context, Palestinian sources revealed that the PA”s unconstitutional government in Ramallah decided to allow the sale of Palestinian lands to foreigners which will certainly open the way for Zionists to seize Palestinian lands with official consent. 

Mahmoud Al-Habbash, the PA”s agriculture minister, seconded the decision, alleging that its does not carry any negative implication at all, but it was issued in order to promote foreign investment in the occupied Palestinian lands and to encourage land reclamation.

According to observers, this decision, which violates Palestinian law, prepares the way for Zionists to put their hands on more Palestinian lands especially since Israelis hold more than one nationality.