Caretaker gov’t: We refuse to stake the Palestinian cause on American dictates

Caretaker gov’t: We refuse to stake the Palestinian cause on American dictates

The caretaker government headed by premier Ismail Haneyyal expressed its utter rejection of staking the Palestinian cause on the American dictates, considering the PA”s attempt to disclaim its responsibility towards the Sana”a declaration comes in response to those dictates.

Taher Al-Nunu, the spokesman for the government, stated that the conflicting statements issued by PA officials confirmed that the PA leadership was not serious at all about Sana”a talks from the beginning, adding that the PA”s repeated talk about its keenness on dialog and ending the inter-Palestinian crisis is a mere allegation to improve its image before the Palestinian people.

“We agreed in Cairo, but they did not implement the agreement, we agreed on the national accord document, but they did not respect it and even after they signed an agreement in Makkah, they torpedoed it dissolving the national unity government and forming a minority one,” Nunu said.

For his part, MP Mushir Al-Masri, underscored that the dispute which surfaced within Fatah after the signing of the Sana”a declaration was well planned and a reassuring message for the Americans and Israel that Fatah is still “loyal” to them and that it will never swap negotiations with national dialog.

For its part, the Islamic Jihad Movement opined on Tuesday in a press statement to the PIC that the internal differences in Fatah, which came up after the signing of the Sana”a declaration, do not bode well for a return of the national unity.

Commenting on the Israeli threats that it would sever its negotiations with Abbas if he formed a national unity government with Hamas, Dawoud Shihab, the Islamic Jihad spokesman, stated that those threats were not new and there were always external pressures on the PA chief and his negotiators in order to reject any national dialog in exchange for providing the PA with financial assistance in all its forms.

“Whoever overrides his people”s aspirations in order to please the Israeli occupation and himself, he will lose his people and everything else,” the spokesman said addressing the PA leadership in Ramallah.