Caretaker gov’t regrets Abul Ghait’s statements, says relations with Egypt solid

Caretaker gov’t regrets Abul Ghait’s statements, says relations with Egypt solid

The caretaker government headed by premier Ismail Haneyya expressed regret at Egyptian foreign minister Ahmed Abul Ghait”s statements in which he threatened to break Palestinians” legs if they crossed the borders again, pointing out that the Palestinian-Egyptian relationship is still solid.

“Our people have dignity and respect Egypt”s sovereignty, security, leadership and people; our great people will never be one day an enemy of any Arab or Islamic country because the Arab and Islamic nation is our inalienable strategic depth,” Taher Al-Nunu, the government”s spokesman, highlighted in a statement received by the PIC on Friday.

Nunu underlined that Palestine and Egypt have one common enemy, that is, the Israeli occupation which is working on creating disputes between the two countries and tampering with their security in the region, calling on the free press not to get along with Israel”s attempts to foment sedition between Arabs.

The spokesman also expressed his government”s great dismay at PA chief Mahmoud Abbas”s proposal to broker a cease-fire between Hamas and Israel, considering it a failed attempt by Abbas to avoid his responsibility as a PA chief.

The spokesman charged that Abbas lays his responsibility on others and gives the Israeli occupation pretexts to wage attacks and aggression on the Palestinian people through his refusal to respond to the call of reason and the will of his people calling for ending internal discord and his insistence on putting obstacles in the way of national dialogue.

The spokesman renewed his government”s call on Arab countries to shoulder their historic responsibility towards the Palestinian people and to work on stopping the Israeli aggression and breaking the unjust siege on them.