Carter: No for excluding Hamas, Hamas’ delegation to Cairo

Carter: No for excluding Hamas, Hamas’ delegation to Cairo

Spokesperson of the Islamic resistance Movement (Hamas), Sami Abu- Zehri, stated that Hamas delegation leaved Gaza for Cairo to meet former U.S. president; Jimmy Carter, and other Egyptian officials.

Abu- Zehri said that the delegation includes Mahmoud al-Zahhar- Hamas cadre and former Minister of foreign affairs- and Saeed Siyaam; former Minister of Interior.

On Tuesday, Carter declared in Ramallah that he tried in vain to visit Gaza , because Israel refused giving him entry permission.

Carter intends to meet Khaled Meshaal; head of Hamas bureau in Damascus this week. Last Tuesday, Carter met a former Palestinian minister in Hamas” ousted cabinet; this is considered a challenge to Israeli leaders who ignored him due to having contacts with Hamas.

One of Carter”s delegation said that Carter has been warmly welcomed by Nasser al-Shaer who was a deputy Premier of the Palestinian cabinet boycotted by the U.S. and the west.

In a statement to Ikhwanweb, Nasser al-Shaer said that Carter wanted to know different Palestinian figures” opinions and indicated that such a meeting has been very agreeable and to be resumed later.

Before meeting the Palestinian Premier, Carter told the journalists of Ramallah “I could not obtain entry permission for Gaza ; I”ve asked for it, but in vain”.

However, Carter criticized Washington and Tel Aviv for excluding Hamas and Syria from the political process in the Middle East .