• December 6, 2007
  • 2 minutes read

Case of Al-Jazeera’s Howaida Taha Adjourned till Jan, 14th

Heliopolis Court of Appeals , Cairo , adjourned till Jan, 14th, 2008, hearing the lawsuit against Howaida Taha, a journalist in Al-Jazeera Satellite Channel, on charge of shooting videotapes about torture incidents inside Egyptian police stations.

Dr. Mohamed Salim Al Awwa, Howaida”s lawyer, said his client is innocent of the charges submitted by the Egyptian Higher State Security Prosecution. Al Awwa denied that Howaida Taha shot videos that contain any illegal materials. He added that she only snapped views of some citizens who were tortured in addition to viewpoints of policemen opinions and sociologists and law experts who confirmed that there are torture cases but they are individual, according to them.

Al Awwa indicated also that the tapes contained views of some psychologists who described those committing tortures as psychopaths who need treatment. At the end of his pleading, Dr. Al Awwa confirmed that Howaida Taha did a fair and neutral work in which she objectively showed viewpoints of those complaining and others who are complained against.