• Torture
  • September 22, 2008
  • 4 minutes read

Case of Child Killed by Police Adjourned Till October 12

Case of Child Killed by Police Adjourned Till October 12

Mansoura misdemeanor court resumed on Monday the case of the child who passed away due to torture at the hands Mansoura’s police station officer. The child is from Shuha village at Mansoura city.


The defense was surprised for finding that Mohamed Yusuf Shams El-Din, doctor at Mansoura’s international hospital, was charged with fatal medical negligence leading to the death of child. The prosecution involved no officer in the case.


The child’s defense filed evidence memo inculpating the police commissioner and asked for a deferment for submitting the rest of documents incriminating the officer. Therefore, the court adjourned the case until October 12.


During previous sessions, the victim’s attorney rebutted the charges against the doctor and excluding the key convicted officers and called for referring the case to the office of the attorney general for a probe into case and trialing the officers convicted in case no. 18521 of 2007.


Defense filed a petition for the prosecutor general calling for including Mansoura’s police commissioner and other two officers at the investigations department in the case due to their complicity in keeping the child in custody with adults along with tormenting him and denying him medical care.


The defense called for incriminating Dr. Hosam Al-Babli (from Mansoura’s international hospital) for not allowing for the admission of the child to the hospital six hours before passing away.