About MB

Women in the Muslim Brotherhood

Women in the Muslim Brotherhood represent approximately half of the group’s members, a ratio unlike any other political force. They perform the same social and political activities in the community

Muslim Brotherhood Youth

Youth compose a broad, significant and effective key in the Muslim Brotherhood making up one of the most important and powerful elements of the group. With their insight and vision

Breaking Away From the Group

The Muslim Brotherhood is a large, independent and dynamic movement which practices many activities and makes its own decisions. With such an active movement it is only healthy and natural

The International Organization

The Muslim Brotherhood is a group established to promote development, progress and advancement based on Islamic references. Its principles and ideologies have succeeded in convincing many worldwide who have researched

Ikhwanweb mourns the death of Moderate Islamic Scholar Dr. Fathi Osman

“Ikhwanweb” joins with so many others who knew Dr Osman in offering its deepest sympathy on his passing. Although it is little consolation at this sad time, it should be

Sheikh Ahmad Yassin (1938-2004)

Yassin who survived the Palestinian Disaster (Al Nakba) of 1948 learned an important lesson that impacted his intellectual and political life forever, a lesson that says Palestinians can only depend

An eloquent representative of Islam.

With the death of Dr Ezzeddin Ibrahim Mustafa, the Muslim world has lost an acknowledged Islamic scholar. Born and brought up in Egypt he joined the Muslim Brotherhood Movement soon

Ruling regime arrests Egypts finest on February 8.

The fierce campaign that took place on Monday February 8, 2010 a pre-dawn by Egypt's police has resulted in the arrest of a number of top Muslim Brotherhood figures .

Hassan al-Banna’s self-criticism

I sought to tackle an important aspect in the life of the martyred Hassan al-Banna, a great man, who adhered to the doctrine of Allah in a combination of theory

Profile of Dr Badie: A resilient leader.

Brotherhood responsibilities: 1975: Member of the administrative office Mahalla 1977: Leader of the administrative office Mahalla 1986: Educational Association official in Yemen up till 1986 1986: Member of the Administrative