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Muslim Brotherhood’s Media, from the Missionary to the Political discourse

Ikhwanweb was not concerned with spreading Islam or teaching westerners about the religion of Islam. In other words, we are not targeting a missionary Islam. We are rather adopting a

Muslim Brotherhood 2008 Municipal Election Platform

Egyptian citizens suffer from deterioration in all government local councils’ and facilities offering services, including health, education, drinking water sewerage and others.

The Electoral Programme of the Muslim Brotherhood for Shura Council in 2007

Preface: On the ongoing preparations for the renewal elections for one-half of the Shura (Legislative) council due on June 2007,

The Muslim Brotherhood’s Program

The Muslim Brotherhood’s program for the parliamentary elections of 2005 is based on the reference that our method of change stems from. It is the Islamic reference and the democratic

Reading into The Muslim Brotherhood’s Documents

This introduction covers an objective presentation of the content of the documents issued by “the Muslim Brotherhood " last year; these documents include; statements and press releases, and also the

Muslim Brotherhood Initiatives For Reform in Egypt

The Arab and Muslim worlds currently witness continuous and persistent attempts aiming at imposing a change from the outside. These attempts take the form of force sometimes and strong pressures