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The Egyptian government employs against the media arms of Islamic groups (both moderate and militant) would make an interesting study, such as how the semi-legal Egyptian Islamist group Muslim Brotherhood

Release of Dr Aboul Fotouh.

In an urgent news release "Ikhwanweb" the official English Muslim Brotherhood website posts the news that State Security decided on the release of Dr Abdul Monem Aboul Fotouh Secretary General

The Middle East’s Generation Facebook

Shahi’s boss, Prime Minister Ibrahim El-Houdaiby, 50, knew all about how computers could change not just a country but a movement, even the Muslim Brotherhood, the Islamist organization founded in

FPWATCH: On the Muslim Brotherhood

Mr. Khaled Salam, the co-editor of IkhwanWeb, the English-language website for the Muslim Brotherhood (MB), stopped in to respond to many commenters" negative views on the Brotherhood and its goals.

Ikhwanweb in Sandmonkey’s Diaries!

I have been gone for this past week, but I wasn’t absent in any way. I was running around helping an Australian friend do a report on May 4th. Here

State Prosecutor Orders Ikhwanweb’s Chief Editor Released

The New Cairo state security prosecution ordered the release of Khaled Hamza, Ikwanweb’s editor in chief, and other two MB detainees who were previously detained during the municipal elections phase,

Low Turnout and Vote Rigging Mar Municipal Elections, Ikhwanweb Reports

Municipal elections had originally been scheduled for April 2006 after the unprecedented success of the Muslim Brotherhood and independents in 2005 Parliamentary elections.

Ikhwanweb Featured in BBC Report: Egypt Islamists Wait for Power

It is not easy to find the headquarters of Egypt’s largest opposition movement. The unremarkable building overlooking the Nile in Manial in central Cairo has no sign.

Ikhwanweb’s Chief Editor Detention Extended Two More Weeks

State Security Prosecution ordered the temporary detention of Khaled Hamza, Ikhwanweb editor-in-chief, extended for 15 more days.