Leader Message

MB Chairman Calls on Unity for Egypt’s Renaissance

This week’s messageby Muslim Brotherhood chairman Dr. Mohamed Badie concentrated on calling on all Egyptians, men, women, adults, and youths from all religions and creedsto celebrate its potential.

MB chairman: Egyptian Regime Failed to protect its People

Muslim Brotherhood chairman Dr. Mohammed Badie, in his recent statement ascertained that the regime has failed to protect its people.

MB Chairman Calls for National Unity while facing Sectarian Strife

Dr. Mohammed Badie, Chairman of the Muslim Brotherhood (MB), affirmed that the blind and cowardly crime on the Qedesinne Church in Alexandria was not only an attack against Christians and

MB Chairman Calls for Nation’s Unity against Sudan Partition

Dr. Mohammed Badie, Chairman of the Muslim Brotherhood (MB), affirmed that the unity of the Arab/Islamic nation has become the first bulwark against US-Zionist schemes afoot to divide Sudan, and

MB Chairman: Arabs must counter conspiracy of dividing Arab lands into smaller states

Dr. Mohammed Badie, Chairman of the Muslim Brotherhood group, has ascertained that Arab and Muslim unity is the only way in which Muslims can successfully protect their sacred regions and

MB Chairman: Change and reform require sacrifices

Dr. Mohamed Badie, MB Chairman, called on the Muslim nation to unite against the enemies who are plotting against it. He stressed that Islam is capable of facing injustices and

MB chairman urges nation to oppose rigging during elections

In his weekly, message titled "The will of the nation. Between fraud and torture"Muslim Brotherhood Chairman Dr. Mohamed Badie highlighted the significance of having the freedom to participate in elections

MB Chairman: With hope and perseverance our nation will defy odds and obstacles

In his weekly message, the Muslim Brotherhood's chairman Dr. Mohamed Badie, asserted that despite numerous difficulties and obstacles which our nation faces, we must not give up the battle for

MB Chairman: Optimism is the first step towards renaissance

Dr. Mohammed Badie, Chairman of the Muslim Brotherhood, urged the Islamic nation to raise its awareness, build momentum, interact positively, and make every effort to distance itself from negativity and

MB Chairman explains MB motto

MB Chairman Dr. Mohamed Badie issued a statement regarding the Brotherhood's motto"Islam is the solution"