MB and West

Nuggets from New Muslim Brotherhood Leader’s Al-Jazeera Interview

As some of you know, the Muslim Brotherhood, the largest and most influential Islamist group in the Middle East, recently elected a new leader.

How to Revive Obama’s Middle East Policy? Some Responses.

In the article, I criticized the Obama administration for cutting assistance to Egyptian NGOs. As I argue toward the end of the piece, civil society assistance has too often been

Book review: Alastair Crooke’s “Resistance: The Essence of the Islamist Revolution”

The title of Alastair Crooke's book Resistance: The Essence of the Islamist Revolution may easily invoke the late Palestinian thinker Edward Said's critiques of trying to essentialize Islam.

US should engage Islamists to push democracy in Arab world, says expert

The US should engage with Islamist groups in the Arab world if it is serious about promoting democracy in the region, says Shadi Hamid, deputy director of the Brookings Doha

Moderate Arab Islamists struggle to steer a democratic course

For much of its 80-year history, the Muslim Brotherhood's very name symbolized promotion of a violent, anti-western movement bent on strict imposition of Islamic law. Much of the first generation

Islamists want democracy

According to Marc Lynch in The National, moderate Islamist movements‘ attempts to participate in democratic processes throughout the Arab world have been stemmed by secular authoritarian regimes

Mad Mayhem

A car bomb killed 91 in Pakistan while US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton visits. A bomb in Baghdad killed 155 fueling Sunni-Shiite tensions. A bomb in Kabul targeting UN

Egypt’s Brotherhood is knocking

Reporting from Cairo - He doesn't seem a radical or a troublemaker, but to the Egyptian government, Abdel Fattah Rizk, a surgeon with a graying mustache and hands pink from

Spoilt ballots

Moderate Islamist movements across the Arab world have made a decisive turn towards participation in democratic politics over the last 20 years. They have developed an elaborate ideological justification for

The role of Moderate Islamists in the fight against terrorism, case study of the Egyptian

The attacks of September 11, 2001, the wars on Afghanistan and Iraq, and the war on terror, mainly Islamist terrorism, have strained the relations with the Muslim world, which considered