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Egypt is not Iran

Far from bringing comfort to the Iranian leadership, Egypt's revolution is inspiring Iran's democratic opposition, writes Rasha Saad

Brotherhood’s slogan is not the problem

I’m against the use of religious slogans in election campaigns and the inclusion of religion in partisan affairs.

EGYPT: Women breaking culture barriers in upcoming parliamentary elections

An unprecedented number of female candidates is running for parliamentary elections later this month following the passage of a new law that guarantees a certain percentage of seats to women.

As Police Crack Down on Egyptian Campuses, a Recent Court Ruling May Force Reform

Hassan Nafaa is a frequent critic of the Egyptian government who coordinates several political-reform campaigns.

Muslim Brotherhood to campaign for elections

The Muslim Brotherhood has vowed to campaign for next month's parliamentary elections.


"Oblique threats and backroom deals that are not visibly linked to the government have started silencing some of Egypt's most critical independent voices," says Mohamed Abdel Dayem, Middle East and

Critics say new text-messaging rules target pre-election political opposition

The Ministry of Communications this week announced new restrictions pertaining to the use of text messaging for the dissemination of cellphone news alerts.

In Blow to Al-Baradei, Brotherhood to Run Candidate List

Rejecting calls by former IAEA chief and opposition leader Muhammad Al-Baradei to boycott upcoming parliamentary elections, the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt has decided to run a list of candidates for

Egypt to Issue Sukuk Rules in 2011 to Compete With Gulf: Islamic Finance

Egypt, home to the Arab world’s largest Muslim population, will issue its first Islamic debt guidelines in 2011 to catch up with the Persian Gulf and Southeast Asia and help

Islamist Female Runs for Election against Party’s Boycott

Abdul Nasser Zou'bi - In a first announcement independent of the Muslim Brotherhood movement and its political wing, the Islamic Action Front (IAF), a female Jordanian lawyer, Siham Bani Mustafa,