MB VS. Qaeda

The MB Stands for Justice and Freedom

The Muslim Brotherhood condemned the assassination of Osama bin Laden stressing that every person who is accused of a crime has the right to be put on trial.

MB: The US must withdraw its troops from Iraq and Afghanistan

Following the killing of Al-Qaeda leader Ossama Bin Laden during a shootout in Pakistan it is high time the US realize that it must withdraw its troops from Afghanistan and

Fighting terrorism requires more than just killing Bin Laden

The killing of Osama Ben Laden might help to put a closure for the thousands of families who lost their loved ones to al Qaeda, and represents a major symbolic

Arab Revolutions for Reform and the Demise of al Qaeda Ideology

In a recorded message, Ayman al Zawahri, deputy leader of Al-Qaeda, called on Muslims in North Africa to fight NATO forces in Libya, and accused the US of supporting former

MB denounces Al-Qaeda’s call to Egypt’s protestors to wage Jihad‏

In response to reactions of groups affiliated with Al-Qaeda concerning the ongoing protests in Egypt, the Muslim Brotherhood’s English website editor in chief Khaled Hamza strongly denounces the calls for

Egyptians Unite against Al-Qaeda Threat to Copts

Egypt's President Hosni Mubarak publicly condemned on November 6 threats by the Qaeda in Iraq against Egypt's Coptic Christians vowing he would protect them. After claiming responsibility for the violent


Although this raises legitimate fears amongst the western media, the Muslim Brotherhood denounces labels like “fundamentalist” as the media pigeonholing them, and draw attention to their "15 Principles" for an

Fight Islamic extremism through integration

It is clear that this country is never going to be (and never was) a uni-racial, uni-cultural place. Multicultural, multiracial, multireligious societies are more and more going to be the

Al-Qaeda losing supporters in jihadi groups across Arab world

The main rift within the circles of the so-called jihadi groups in the Arab world first appeared in the mid to late 1990s.

Muslims: The threat from within

Contrary to the relatively recent but widespread fiction, Islam took roots and spread in much of South Asia not at gunpoint.