Parliament News

MP Issues Statement Rejecting Foreign Intervention in Egypt’s Affairs

MP member Ahmed Heta issued an urgent statement to PA Speaker Dr. Fathi Sorour stressing the parliament’s distaste with the US congress’ attempts to impose on Egypt’s affairs referring to

MB MP requests ending of gas exports to Israel to accommodate Egypt ‘s demands

Egypt's current recurring of power outages is blamed on insufficient natural gas at many power plants.

Opposition blocs object to Shura election rigging

Political parties and opposition movement members engaged in demonstrations which were scheduled in protest to the Shura elections results.

Alexandria MBs launch a campaign to remove police chief

The Muslim Brotherhood bloc in Alexandria has launched a campaign calling for the dismissal of Major Mohamed Ibrahim, the head of security in Alexandria.

MB MPs accuse ministers and senior state officials of corruption

A signed petition by 23 Muslim Brotherhood MPs was submitted to the Parliament’s Speaker Dr Fathi Sorour, demanding the discussion of files concerning the Ministers’ violations and abuse of authority

Egypt’s businessmen accused of getting wealthy on USAID

Yehya Hussein, head of the "No to Selling Egypt" movement, accused the ruling National Democratic Party's policy secretariat of serious indiscretion, failure and neglect in implementing the privatization program after

Insurance and pension laws passed in parliament amid doubts

A new pension law has been endorsed by the people's assembly in what has been described by opposition as a rushed session

MB MP demands immediate dismissal of Interior Minister

An urgent statement was submitted in parliament by the Muslim Brotherhood Parliamentary bloc condemning the brutal bashing by plain clothes police and security forces which resulted in the tragic death

Brotherhood approves law protecting workers’ rights

The People's Assembly's Plan and Budget Committee agreed in principle to a bill presented by "Ahmed Ezz, NDP secretary general and Chairman of the People's Assembly Planning and Budget Committee

MB MP responds to ‘bragging’ accusations

In response to attacks by some state owned and western newspapers against the Muslim Brotherhood MP Mohamed Beltagy, who was on the Gaza-bound flotilla taking humanitarian aid to them, actual