Egyptian government faces difficult times in 2010

The Egyptian government faces a very difficult time in 2010, with historically prominent issues such as the succession of President Hosni Mubarak, the use of military courts, emergency rule and

UN: Egyptians sell organs to pay off debts

The United Nation’s Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs reported that hundreds and possibly thousands of poor Egyptians are selling their organs, mainly kidneys and liver, each year to

Egypt looks for three in a row at African Cup of Nations

Their is excitement in the air, previous matches being shown on local television screens and smiles on faces Sunday, as Egyptians prepare to watch their national team take on Ghana

2009 witnessed an all time high of 100,000 job losses.

A new report by the Ministry of Economical Development revealed that the recent global financial crisis grossly affected the Egyptians as 100,000 employees lost their jobs from the periods October

Observatory report reveals that MB MPs battled corruption more than any other group.

A report issued by the Public Funds Defense Unit in the United Group (Lawyers and Legal Advisers) revealed that in 13 governorates the sum of money lost between the period

High cost of living means more unmarried in Egypt

A report issued by the Egyptian Cabinet’s Information Center revealed the delayed age of marriage for women in Egyptian society by approximately one and a half years when comparing statistics

Jordan witnesses relative majority for parliamentary democracy.

According to a study released on Monday in Amman 4 in 10 Jordanians prefer a democratic system in which the winning majority in Parliament forms a government.

Report Calls on Washington to Support Sanctions Against Iran

A report issued by an American think tank close to the Israeli lobby in the United States called on encouraging the Arab states, particularly Egypt and Saudi Arabia, to actively

Egypt: 1.2 million suffer depression

Said Abdel-Azim, a Professor of Psychiatry at Cairo University, revealed that the number of people living with depression in Egypt has reached 1.2 million persons from the 140 million people

Egypt’s Swine flu death total rises to 24

Egypt reported over the weekend that a 56-year-old man from Alexandria, the country’s second largest city, has become the 24th victim of the H1N1 influenza virus, commonly known as Swine