Viva La Tunisia

Tunisia: An-Nahdha Warns Against Chaos and Authoritarianism

Our revolution is passing through one of its most critical phases, as our people prepare to hold the elections for a national constituent assembly, while dangers multiply threatening this national

Tunisia’s Islamist Nahda Wins Impressive Landslide Victory

Representatives of Tunisia’s Islamist Nahda party have achieved a landslide victory acquiring 8 out of the nine available seats in the Tunisian Association of Young Lawyers.

Tunisia needs International Supervision for the Upcoming July Elections

Two days ago, Dr. Iadh Ben Achour, head of the Tunisian High Council for Political Reforms and the Achievement of the Goals of the Revolution, announced that Tunisia does not

Tunisia’s El Nahda Movement legalized after 20 year ban

The Tunisian Islamist movement El Nahda, which had been formerly banned under the ousted Dictator Zine El Abidine Ben Ali, has finally been legalized allowing the movement to form a

Tunisia’s Deposed President — Corrupt, Anti-Democratic, and One of America’s Close Friends

Across the Middle East and Central Asia, U.S. allies are invariably corrupt dictators, maintained in power by lavish patronage and the military.

Tunisian Revolution Shakes and Inspires Middle East

Every state and movement in the Middle East is reading into the events in Tunisia its own anxieties and aspirations

Morning In Tunisia

Last week's mass protests in Tunisia were less a symptom of economic malaise than of a society fed up with its broken dictatorship. Should the other autocratic regimes in the

In Tunisia, An Unfinished Revolt

Seemingly half of the Tunisian business community can claim a Ben Ali connection through marriage, and many of these relations are reported to have made the most of their lineage.

Arab Regimes Fear Bread Intifadah

The popular uprising that sent Tunisia’s president packing was not a political movement, but a spontaneous economic revolt by citizens unable to make ends meet

Message from Tunisia

In the dramatic events happening in Tunisia and the Arab world, the role of media technology in political mobilization should not be underestimated. But nor should the prophetic voices of