Wikileaks Cable On MB

Will the Muslim Brotherhood Take Over?

Wikileaks reveals that two years ago the Tunisian president predicted in a conversation with a senior US diplomat that the Muslim Brotherhood would eventually take over Egypt .

Ahmed Tharwat: Now you know what Arabs know

WikiLeaks' unprecedented release of classified material "is embarrassing U.S. leaders and their foreign counterparts alike," according to the Huffington Post.

Update: WikiLeaks Cables On Muslim Brotherhood

Wikileaks: Mubarak “hates Hamas, and considers them the same as Egypt’s own Muslim Brotherhood, which he sees as his own most dangerous political threat.”

Election Victory with No Glory

It comes as no surprise that Mubarak’s NDP claims it will win unchallenged after the two largest opposition groups, including the Muslim Brotherhood with its extensive following, boycotted a contest

Wikileaks shocker: did Mahmoud Abbas know in advance about the devastating blitz on his countrymen

Stuart Littlewood scents the whiff of treason in the Wikileaks disclosure that Palestinian “President” Mahmoud Abbas had been forewarned by Israel about its planned onslaught on Gaza and had failed

Increasing Tension as WikiLeaks Rocks More than One Boat

Uncovering the cover-ups, WikiLeaks has received blanket coverage this week on all media outlets around the world.

Tug-of-War – The Regime vs the MB

The 2010 elections in Egypt sent a very clear message to both the opposition and the general populace that anyone opposing the NDP will face tyranny.

Dershowitz: Zionist liar par exellance

Alan Dershowitz, the American Zionist fanatic, is notorious for his brashly racist views about just anything non-Jewish.

The folly of the Israeli and Arab approach to Iran

Alan Hart considers the possibility that the whistleblower website Wikileaks is being manipulated by an intelligence service to achieve specific objectives, namely to maximize perceptions that Iran is a serious