Arts and Culture

Muslim Brotherhood Rejects Censorship on Creativity, Has Clear Vision on Art and Politics

Heated confrontation at Dar El-Hilal (publishing house) symposium on Culture and Art in Muslim Brotherhood Thought, as Islamist and leftist intellectuals debate the Brotherhood’s cultural vision.

Rady: Refusing Mosque Filming Wrong

MP Mohsen Rady denounced Egyptian Ministry of Awqaf’s decision to refuse director Ahmed Abdullah the right to film a movie scene inside a mosque, stressing, “We must support the mission

Dr. Khattab: Brotherhood’s Badie Art Statements Bode Well

Muslim Brotherhood is a real boon for Egyptian Cinema Revival, with refined, inspired and innovative productions that elevate and empower, rather than degrade and debase.

Badie: Meaningful Art is Important to Restore Egypt’s Leading Role

During his meeting with Actor Ashraf Abdul Ghafour, head of the Actors Syndicate on Tuesday, Dr. Mohamed Badie stressed the importance of Arts in Egypt's development and restoring its leadership

MB and FJP Delegation to Visit Actors’ Syndicate

A delegation from the Muslim Brotherhood (MB)’s Art Committee and the Freedom and Justice Party’s (FJP), public relations is scheduled to visit the Actors’ Syndicate, and its Chairman Ashraf Abdul

MB Arts Committee Meets with Renowned Artist Ammar Al-Sherey

A delegation from the Freedom and Justice Party’s (FJP) public relations committee met with renowned musician Ammar Al-Sherey, Friday in an effort to increase interaction between artists and the community.

Sayed Darwish: Muslim Brotherhood Encourages Art and Creativity

This article is about the Muslim Brotherhood’s modern producer, director and writer Sayed Darwish (MB’s Art Committee official), not the famous Egyptian composer – although MB’s Darwish is honoured to

MB, Higher Moral Stand in Movie and TV Industry

The Muslim Brotherhood's commitment to an ethical and moral individual and society is significant, as the amount of gun-related, sex-related and violent crime escalate . There is a noticeable link

MB Movies, Emphasis on Morals and Fighting Corruption

With restrictions limited after the ousting of the corrupt Mubarak and his regime, the Muslim Brotherhood is attempting to portray ethical messages through films.