Escalating harassments of MB

MB receive acquittal to slogan case

An Alexandria court ruled in favour of 14 Muslim Brotherhood members who were accused of using the religious motto “Islam is the solution” during the 2010 parliamentary elections.

2010 Records Highest Number of MB Arrests Totalling over 6000

According to the latest count the Muslim Brotherhood’s lawyer Abdul Monem Abdul Maqsoud has maintained that 2010 has proved to have harvested the largest number of MB detainees so far.

Arab States Crackdown on MB Will not Deter Them Calling for Peaceful Reform

According to Islamist analysts and observers Egypt and Jordan’s regime have both targeted the Muslim Brotherhood opposition in the parliamentary elections.

Massive Raid Campaigns Resume in Dakahlia and State Security Hands Ballot Papers to Committees Sorting

State security forces in Fayoum handed in to the heads of the Electoral Commission an official final count that covered names and the number of votes obtained by each candidate,

Attempt to Burn the House of MB Candidate’s Supporters and the Kidnap of Three

In clear violation of the law on political rights, supporters of the National Democratic Party candidate, Ahmed Mustafa Al-Reedy, in Meidum village El-Wasta, Beni Suef governorate, threw firebombs made from

Campaign Manager for MB Candidate in Hamul Abducted and Tortured

Campaign manager for the Muslim Brotherhood candidate in Hamul, in the Kafr El-Sheikh governorate was severely tortured today by police.

MB candidate representatives arrested in Beni suef

State Security forces engage in mass arrests of Muslim Brotherhood representatives in Beni Suef demonstrating continued repression.

Harsh Two-Year Prison Sentence with Hard Labor for Twelve MB Supporters

In an unprecedented incident the misdemeanor court in Alexandria issued an unexpected and shocking court order to 12 members of the Muslim Brotherhood.