MB Candidates’ News

Youm7 Takes Back Its False News and Confirms Hazem Farouk Will Not Enter the Run-off

Youm7.com noted that Hazem Farouk from the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) parliamentary bloc withdrew from the runoff.

State Security Officers Threaten family of former MB candidate

Eldest daughter of MB MP, Magdi Ashour, said she is scared to be harassed by security forces engaged in different types of pressure.

MB to sue The Youm El Saba paper for inaccurate allegations

Muslim Brotherhood MP Dr Hazem Farouk has denied recent rumours which alleged that he would compete in the runoff despite the group’s decision to boycott.

Egypt’s Farcical Election

Egyptians await the outcome of a parliamentary run-off meant to end weeks of instability, but reports of violence and accusations of voter intimidation and rigged results have created an atmosphere

Lame attempt to defame MB by unknown group

Banners and posters were hung nationwide attacking the Muslim Brotherhood in a hate campaign launched late Friday.

Argument Behind Boycotting – to Poll or Not to Poll

A government crackdown on Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood the country’s strongest Islamist opposition group has provided more reason for government opponents to encourage a boycott of Sunday's parliamentary vote.

MB Candidates Top Masrawy’s Poll‏

22,218 people voted, and the MB obtained 42% of the votes, independents 28%, the opposition obtained 14 % and the NDP only received 16% of the votes.

Eliminations and Changing Sectors during Initial Parliamentary Candidates’ Listing Indicate Rigging

The initial list of candidates' names to field in the parliamentary elections has been released in most Egyptian governorates this evening.

Over 450 Lawyers submit papers to oversee elections

Dr Mohamed Morsy, member of the Executive Bureau of the Muslim Brotherhood and media spokesman of the group as well as head of the Elections Committee stressed that during the

Katatni: Applying at Security Headquarters Proves Interior’s Control of Elections

Media spokesman and head of Muslim Brotherhood (MB) Parliamentary bloc, Dr. Mohamed Saad el-Katatni, stated that the MB have started submitting their election papers at the various security headquarters throughout