MB reports on 2010 elections

2010 Backtrack on Mubarak

A quick backtrack on Egypt’s president Hosni Mubarak in 2010 reveals that it has been insightful though controversial.

Egypt’s 2010 Elections – Fraud, Oppression and Hope for Change

Eygpt’s 2010 parliamentary elections will go down in history as a blatant fraud and crime against democracy and the people it represents.

MB Secretary General: We have no representatives in new parliament

Dr. Mahmoud Hussein Secretary General for the Muslim Brotherhood has confirmed that after contemplation and discussion following round one of the Egypt's parliamentary poll held on Sunday November 28 the

MB Maintains It Won Zero Seats and the Regime Is Lying

Recent allegations that the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt has won a seat in the parliament have been denied by both the Secretary General Dr. Mahmoud Hussein and former Assistant Secretary

Hussein: MB Decided to Boycott the Run-Off and Will Continue the Struggle to Regain People’s

Secretary General for the Muslim Brotherhood, Dr. Mahmoud Hussein, emphasized that the group has achieved many of its goals, as they feel the responsibility to protect people and make them

Dr. Morsy: The MB’s withdrawal from the elections came as the regime insisted on challenging

Dr. Mohamed Morsy, media spokesman for the group stressed that the MB’s decision to participate in the elections was the result of total conviction and unanimity of the MB Shura

MB Chooses to Boycott Second Round of Polls

Muslim Brotherhood chairman Dr. Mohammed Badie has officially announced the group's decision to boycott the runoff elections scheduled for next Sunday.

MB will not refrain from helping citizens

Following the announcement of semi-final results in which dozens of MB candidates failed and over 20 MB candidates entered a second round for re-elections on December 5, 2010, Dr Mahmoud

MB Chairman: We Will Pursue Systematic Election Fraud in Key Domestic and International Forums

Dr Mohammed Badie, chairman of the Muslim Brotherhood (MB), praised the turnout of Egyptians regardless of their choices, describing it as the beginning of real change and desired reform.

El-Erian for the BBC: MB Gains Enough Popular Support despite Widespread Fraud

Media spokesman for the Muslim Brotherhood, Dr Essam El-Erian, affirmed that the BBC and other TV satellite channels documented abuses committed against voters on Sunday.