Opposition’s candidate news

Opposition unites in bid to thwart poll rigging

Delegates from Egypt’s Opposition parties and groups held a conference on Tuesday at the Muslim Brotherhood parliamentary bloc’s headquarters, where they drafted ten steps to monitor fraudulent practices in the

Analysts Slam NDP’s Decision which Allows Members to Vie for the Same Seat

The ruling National Democratic Party‘s decision to feature more than one candidate to vie for the same seat has been viewed by some as a sign of weakness.

Breaking news: 75 MB candidates submitted applications despite escalating aggression

Security forces brutally attack political opposition demonstrating in front of the Municipal Building in the Gharbeya governorate after being prevented from handing in applications for parliamentary candidates and prevent journalists

Regime demonstrates incapable of integrity during run up to elections

Egypt’s political opposition, the Wafd party founded in 1918 has threatened to boycott the upcoming parliamentary elections in protest to state television’s refusal to broadcast its campaign messages.

Wafd party threatens election boycott

According to sources Egypt's Wafd opposition party confirmed Tuesday that it may conform to calls to boycott the upcoming parliamentary elections next month after state television refused to air the

The Egyptian opposition eliminates itself

The ruling National Democratic Party (NDP) in Egypt is busy with its internal elections to select its candidates to the People’s Assembly elections scheduled at the end of next month,

Mubarak promises integrity in upcoming elections‏

Egypt's President, Mubarak, has promised integrity in the upcoming parliamentary elections scheduled to take place in November.