Demonstrations in Alexandria Calling for New Constitution First

Following Friday prayers political and national powers organized a rally in front of Alexandria 's al-Qaed Ibrahim Mosque.

Abdul Rahman Mansour Another Man Behind the Revolution

Following the revelation of Wael Ghoneim Google's now famous executive as being behind the People’s Revolution it’s only fair to announce that others were among the admin of January 25th

Muslims and Christians United in the Battle for Tahrir Square

Egyptians from all religions and walks of life are again taking to the streets demanding that Mubarak steps down.

Over 37,500 Egyptians to Take Part on January 25th Uprising

About 37,500 people announced they will take part with the "Khaled Said" Facebook group on January 25th street protests entitled "A Day of Change," and to date number is on

Activists Call for National Strike in Front of the Egyptian Presidential Palace on January 25

Twitter and Facebook contributed greatly to the Tunisian revolution that granted its people their freedom. A large number of activists on Facebook are calling for a national strike in front

Two Hundred Public Figures Call for Dismissal of Interior Minister

Two hundred public figures signed a statement calling for the dismissal of the Minister of Interior, Al-Adly, achieving the “fair” demands of the Copts after the incident in the Saints

Wave of arrests of bloggers and activists

Reporters Without Borders condemned the 6 January 2011 arrests and disappearances of bloggers and online activists in a number of Tunisian cities.

Egyptian Activists Call for Protests against Targeting Unity of the Egyptian People

Egyptian political activists from a campaign supporting Sabahi's presidential candidacy for the 2011 presidential elections, staged a protest on Saturday, January 1, 2011 at 7:00 pm in Shubra, Cairo to

Students, Opposition, and International Groups Condemn Church Bombing

The deadly blast outside an Egyptian Church in Alexandria was condemned by representatives from Egypt's entire political spectrum, governments worldwide and international organizations.

April 6 Youth’s Conference Lashes Out at Mubarak’s NDP

Speakers at the 3rd Conference was held by the April 6 Youth Movement under the slogan "In the Occupied Egyptian Territories", parallel to the Conference of the ruling National Democratic