Coptic Delegations From Church in Assuit Visit MB in Quseya

On the occasion of the Muslim feast Eid Al-Adha, a delegation from the Evangelical Church in Mier village, Mahraq Monestery and many Copts in Assuit city visited Mahmoud Helmy, member

Coptic Intellects in Egypt Reject US Religious Freedom Report

Coptic intellectual and former MP Gamal Assa'd rejected a US report on religious freedoms which labelled Egypt for the first time as a “country of particular concern,” citing “systematic, ongoing,

Copts to Collaborate with MB and FJP in Developing Impoverished Cairo Neighborhood

In a bid to confirm intentions of strengthening ties between Copts and Muslims, a delegation from Marmina Gerges Church visited the Muslim Brotherhood’s headquarters in al-Zawya al-Hamra district on Monday

Archbishop Attends Muslim Brotherhood Iftar in Dakahleya

Archbishop Elisha Zaki, representative of the Diocese in Mansoura, participated in the annual banquet of the Muslim Brotherhood in the Nile Delta governorate of Dakahleya Thursday.

Security Official Praises MB Efforts to End Sectarian Strife in Minya

General Mamdouh Maqlad Chief of Security in Minya, praised the efforts by the Muslim Brotherhood to maintain peace and order and contain the sectarian strife which took place between the

MB to Meet Orthodox Pope to Bridge Gaps

In an attempt to bridge gaps, a meeting has been scheduled by the Muslim Brotherhood chairman, Dr. Mohamed Badie, intended to rekindle relations between Copts and Muslims based on dialogue.

Coptic FJP Vice President Describes Relations with MB

Coptic writer, intellectual and professor, Dr. Rafiq Habib was nominated to serve as the vice president of the Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) representing the Muslim Brotherhood. In a recent

Coptic organizations begin dialogue with MB

Three Coptic organisations have agreed to begin a dialogue with the Muslim Brotherhood (MB).

El-Awa: We Want Egypt a Civil, not a Religious State, Copts Indispensable Part of Egypt’s

We reject a religious state and no religious institution should interfere in political matters or bypass the role of the state.

MB chairman launches initiative to engage in dialogue with Coptic youth

Following an amiable phone call between Pope Shenouda and the Muslim Brotherhood’s chairman Dr. Mohamed Badie where he thanked him for his telegraph Badie launched an initiative to engage in