Egypt launches first Arabic domain suffix

The computers are filled with eager Internet users at this Cairo-based café. They have their headphones on and are tapping away at the keys with ease and quickness.

Egyptians die more frequently in hospitals, especially children

A report released by the Ministry of Health last week revealed the death of approximately 23,167 patients out of a total of 3 million patients who underwent treatment in ministry

US Dep. of Commerce warns of Egypt corruption

The United States Commerce Department warned American companies and businessmen who are interested in investing in Egypt from the spread of corruption within the Egyptian government, especially in the levels

Hamas: The Arab summit’s fell short of Palestinians’ hopes

The Hamas Movement stated Sunday that the outcome of the Arab summit held in Libya fell short of the aspirations of the Palestinian and Arab people.

Polish MPs harassed in Israeli airport after visit to W. Bank and Gaza

The Israeli airport authorities harassed a polish parliamentary delegation as they were trying to catch their flight leaving the occupied Palestinian lands after a visit they made to the West

Report: Around 3.5 million out of 6 million corrupt employees

A recent report by the Land Center for Human Rights (LCHR) revealed that approximately 3.5 out of the 6 million government employees were prone to corruption. However, the report did

Arab Youth

In the Arab world, it must be reminded, the youth (15-29 years) represents 30 percent of the total population, and 45 percent of the working-age population. Arab youth employment rates

Talking economics, politics, development and the future of Egypt with Magdy Sobhi

Magdy Sobhi, 52, is the Deputy Director and economist at the al-Ahram Center for Political and Strategic Studies, speciailizing in the Egyptian economy and the oil and gas sector in

Egypt: Suez Canal revenues since 1975 at $64 billion

Mahmoud Abdel-Wahab, a spokesman for Egypt’s Suez Canal Authority, said that global trade is on track to rebound this year and the Suez Canal is set to see a return

Egypt: From Semi-Authoritarianism to One-Dimensionality

Egypt is entering a densely packed election cycle—for the Shura Council and the People’s Assembly, respectively, in June and November 2010, and for the presidency in September 2011.