Elbaradei Campaign

Security Threats for Activists Hours before the Egyptian Day of Rage

The Popular Campaign in Support of El-Baradei and the demands for change condemned the security campaign against its members in the different governorates as well as the security threats during

ElBaradei supports Day of Rage march but will not participate

Former IAEA chief Dr. Mohamed ElBaradei has announced that he will not take part in the January 25 Day of Rage Protests. The Noble Peace Prize Laureate stated that although

ElBaradei: Once the snowball Rolls, It’s Impossible to Stop

Commenting on the Tunisian events, head of the National Association for Change (NAC) Dr. Mohamed ElBaradei repeated the famous verses of the Tunisian poet Abul Qasim al-Shabi and called for

El-Baradei Downplays Significance of Upcoming Presidential Elections

The political opposition figure, Dr. Mohamed El-Baradei, criticized the electoral system in Egypt and lessoned the importance of the upcoming presidential elections.

El-Baradei Commends Egyptians’ Solidarity

Former IAEA Chief Dr. Mohamed ElBaradei has commended the solidarity demonstrated in Egypt between Muslims and Copts following the Alexandria church blasts on New Year’s Eve. He described the Egyptians

El-Baradei’s Support Committee Distributes Pamphlets Reviving Call for Change

Presidential candidate, Dr. Mohamed El-Baradei’s support committee distributed pamphlets in Alexandria urging people to support the call for reform and change and the end of violence and violations in police

Egypt’s real state of emergency

Egypt has recently held yet another fraudulent and farcical election. Ballot boxes were stuffed. Votes were bought. People who considered voting for the opposition were subjected to violence by professional

El-Baradei Discusses Reform Strategy, Addresses Criticisms and Collaborates with Opposition

In a recent interview with Almasry al Youm former IAEA chief Dr. Mohamed ElBaradei highlighted a number of the pressing questions concerning the National Association for Change.

Complaint to the Attorney General Accusing El-Baradei of Inciting Civil Disobedience

Magdy El-Kordi, co-ordinator of the Popular Support Coalition for Gamal Mubarak, submitted a complaint to the Attorney General, Councillor Abdel Megid Mahmoud, against Dr. Mohamed El-Baradei, founder of the National

El-Baradei Excluded from Changes in Campaign’s Official Formation

Sources stressed that “Must Campaign”, the former popular Campaign to Support El-Baradei, has concluded the formation of its Board of Trustees, which is the campaign’s highest authority.